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29 May 2022

Switzerland: 5G ANTENNA: The CEO of Swisscom does not want it in front of his home

5G ANTENNA: The CEO of Swisscom does not want it at home, but on the other hand, at others'...
20min.ch, 28 May 2022,  (Video: Alexia Mohanadas /dbr)

While he praises the benefits of 5G for industry and the population in an interview with 20 minutes, Urs Schaeppi is reluctant to install an antenna in front of his home. A statement that angers the reader Franz Lienert, where an antenna was built right in front of his balcony.

Text of video: At the start of the week, the CEO of Swisscom, a big defender of 5G, made an astonishing statement in an interview accorded by 20 Minutes.
Urs Schaeppi, Director of Swisscom: "No, of course, I also don't want a 5G antenna in front of my livingroom. That isn't what we do. We try to install antennas on industrial buildings, not in residential neighborhoods."

A statement that doesn't go down well with one reader, Franz Lienert: "The Director of Swisscom doesn't want an antenna in front of his home. But they have placed one 18 meters from the front of my livingroom."

Lienert considers this remark to be pure egotism on the part of the CEO. Contacted, Swisscom relativizes Urs Schaeppi's statement. According to the company, he was referring to the aesthetic nature of the antennas and not to their radiation. Lienert, who has lodged an opposition against the antenna without success, would like the CEO of Swisscom to exercise more restraint next time.

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