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27 May 2022

“The Stockholm Declaration about ‘Life EMC' ”, by Olle Johansson

“The Stockholm Declaration about ‘Life EMC' ”
by Olle Johansson, Bee Culture Magazine 2022; May issue: 56-61, May 26, 2022 **

All around the world dramatic reductions in pollinating insect populations are noted, for instance in Germany, in 2017, where more than 75% of them were reported just gone, and recently the media have reported a more than 90% reduction of the bumblebee populations in the USA (2021). Many beekeepers can also witness similar decreases in honey bee populations as well as in other insect groups, and so can the ordinary citizens.

I am particularly concerned about this problem, and I already have a number of papers dealing with the impact of artificial electromagnetic fields (EMFs) from wireless communication such as cell phones, WiFi systems, tablets, baby alarms, smart meters, laptops and more, especially on honey bees (see e.g. Johansson O, “To bee, or not to bee, that is the five “G” question,” Newsvoice. se 28/5, 2019.  I also know that other areas around the world have reported extensive bee colony collapses, and my strong effort now is to seek ways to conserve, protect and enhance our pollinators, wherever they reside, and thus conserve, protect and enhance ourselves, and our coming generations. If we do not engage, then we certainly may head towards a moment in history where future generations - if any - will ask us “Why didn’t you react and act?” 

Against the above, I am trying hard - together with the various collaborating teams - to set various projects into motion, and especially regarding the “NO BEES = NO FOOD = NO CHILDREN” one. Remember this: “While governments have authority, the people have the power. Change can be caused if this power is used.” Brett Dolter (Saskatchewan Opinion). Maybe this people’s power – aka you! - is more needed than ever, especially since when my collaborator Robert Ferm and myself, already on October 19, 2021, wrote to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, 5275 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church, VA 22041-3803, USA, attention: Louise Clemency, Chicago Ecological Services Field Office, about the American bumblebee situation versus impacts of artificial electromagnetic fields (EMFs), we didn't receive any reply at all. 

Currently, as we all know, a lot of things are going on which impact insects… pesticides, deforestation, insecticides, air pollution… as well as consecutive effects such as strong, or very strong, reductions of other species dependent on insects, like birds.  I therefore hereby will present an idea, a declaration, to help life on the planet. 

Artificial electromagnetic fields 

Pulsed, modulated, polarized, non-ionizing artificial electromagnetic fields, at various frequencies, including high-frequency radio and microwaves as well as extremely low-frequency electric and magnetic fields, at colossal exposure levels compared to natural background fields and signals, are present in the current, modern environment where there are technology actively emitting this kind of radiation and these kinds of fields and signals. We use them for our radio and TV transmissions bringing news, weather, debate, and entertainment to our homes; for powerlines distributing electricity to workplaces and homes; for cell phone systems, wireless Internet (WiFi), wireless tablets, laptops, baby alarms, smart meters, electric cars, autonomous robots and vehicles, toys, surveillance, social credit point identification, and many more everyday installations in our modern society. The big question today is if chronic, localized and/or whole-body exposure to such artificial electromagnetic fields from different kinds of sources are safe for humans and all other biology on planet Earth. This is the question having put increasing weight on my science table for the last decades.

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