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18 September 2023

Dr. Arazi’s Phonegate ebook available in English for free

Dr. Arazi’s Phonegate ebook available in English for free
Par : Equipe Phonegate • 18 Sep 2023

Link to download of the ebook to be found in Phonegate's article:

Following the revelations about Apple's iPhone 12 exceeding SAR, our NGO asked Dr Marc Arazi, the author of the book Phonegate and his publisher Massot éditions to allow the ebook to be downloaded in its English version. They have authorized us to make it downloadable for one month, i.e. until October 18, 2023. This should enable a better understanding of this global scandal, the extent of which we are only just beginning to grasp.

The scandal finally revealed for the first time in the world. There are more than 5 billion phone users in the world and many of us keep them at our fingertips. And this from a very young age! Some even sleep with it.

You have been lied to for years: YOUR CELL PHONE IS DANGEROUS.

Few know that the manufacturers of our beloved smartphones have knowingly overexposed us to waves, well beyond the safety standards. Worse, some of them have faked the test results with software, as in the case of dieselgate. This scandal has a name: PHONEGATE.

A vast epic that began in 2016, with the help of courageous women and men – doctors, lawyers, politicians, scientists, friends and simple volunteers who fought alongside Marc Arazi to get the truth out. After reading the book, you will want to change your habits and especially those of your children. A few simple steps can protect your health and that of your loved ones. You will also understand why a moratorium is needed before any 5G deployment. We cannot trust the cell phone industry!

THE ALERT HAS BEEN LAUNCHED: Become an actor of change by spreading this message.

The paper version is available for sale on Amazon sites according to your geographical location.


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