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17 October 2019

Climate, Biodiversity and Health at Risk - Interview with MEP Klaus Buchner (ÖDP) on 5G

Climate, Biodiversity and Health at Risk - Interview with MEP Klaus Buchner (ÖDP) on 5G
diagnose-funk.org, 14 October 2019 - translation

Photo: Simone Lettenmayer
Prof. Klaus Buchner, Member of the European Parliament, worked at the Max Planck Institute for Physics and Astrophysics in Munich, where he received his doctorate in physics, and at the European Research Centre CERN in Geneva. He spent several years abroad and did research at the University of Kyoto (Japan) and at the University of Chandigarh (India). From 1973 until his retirement in 2006 he was a lecturer and professor at the mathematical faculty of the TU Munich. He has been a member of the Accademia Peloritana dei Pericolanti in Messina since 1979 and was awarded the Gold Medal of Merit of the University of Wroclaw in 1992. He joined the Ecological Democratic Party (ÖDP) in 1983. As its federal chairman from 2003 to 2010, one of his main concerns was the networking of the ÖDP with local citizens' initiatives. He currently gives lectures on 5G almost weekly.

diagnose:funk: Prof. Buchner: As an MEP you mainly work on trade agreements and export restrictions for surveillance technology. Why are you involved against 5G?

Buchner: 5G is especially important for surveillance technology. Not only the advertising industry benefits from the trade with personal data, but also the surveillance of the entire population. William Binney, the former technical director of NSA, said on 3 July 2014 before the NSA investigative committee of the Bundestag about its authority: "You want information about everything. This is really a totalitarian approach that has so far only been seen with dictators. ... After September 11, there was no such thing as privacy" and further: "We have moved away from collecting this data (i.e. suspected terror and crime) to collecting data from the seven billion people on our planet." Since all devices in a household feed information into the Internet with 5G, it is hardly possible to rule out misuse. My wife bought a television set with a camera. Face recognition can be used to determine who is watching which film. Emotion recognition, the development of which is still in its infancy, provides information about who has which emotions in which film scene. This way you know how everyone reacts and what their needs, wishes and fears are. Even George Orwell didn't expect such possibilities in his novel "1984".

diagnose:funk: This is also very important information for an advertisement that is tailored to individual preferences and needs.

Buchner: Yes, this information can be processed automatically in order to search for products that a person should buy and which are then offered in the appropriate mood of the interested party. But it's not just about advertising, it's about influencing and controlling. For example, you can use this information to send untrue, one-sided or exaggerated messages to control people. An example of this is Cambridge Analytica, which has influenced elections in over 100 cases worldwide, but has usually had only moderate success. With 5G you have much more information for a more effective influence. I see a danger for our democracy here. Armin Grunwald, head of the Office for Technology Assessment in the German Bundestag, said: "At no time in human history has there been such good conditions for a totalitarian dictatorship as today. What Hitler had in terms of propaganda possibilities, what the Stasi had in terms of surveillance apparatus, is children's stuff against what is possible today". (Süddeutsche Zeitung of 29.1.2018)

Biodiversity is also significantly damaged by 5G. Trees absorb the radiation very strongly and die after a few years if they are close to a transmitter and have a direct line of sight. Some insects act as good antennas due to their physique. This allows them to absorb energy, which damages their organs. In addition, some animals such as bees and migratory birds have cells that contain slightly magnetized iron. These cells try to align themselves with the earth's magnetic field. In this way the animals receive important information for their flight direction. The cells are demagnetized by strong radiofrequency (RF) radiation. Then the bees don't find their way back to their hive and die.

diagnosis:funk: Are people also affected by 5G?

Buchner: Not only by 5G, but more generally by practically any RF radiation. This has been known since 1932, when the physician Erwin Schliephake investigated the consequences of short-wave therapy. In Russia, the US embassy had been irradiated with microwaves for a long time since the end of the 1950s, the intensity of which was below today's limits. The consequences were not only disturbances of well-being, but also an unusually high number of cancer cases and nerve damage years later. When mobile phones were introduced, people knew what to expect.

diagnose:funk: Why did they introduce mobile communications anyway?

Buchner: Mobile communication earns a lot of money. In 2018, sales in Germany alone amounted to 26.6 billion euros. This is why a lobby group of the mobile phone industry called ICNIRP was formed very early on to deny all damage to health caused by RF radiation when the body is warmed by less than one degree Celsius. With this assertion it has also established our limit values. This lobby group has political influence because it is housed rent free in the Federal Office for Radiation Protection. The scientific coordination of their work is practically done by the Federal Office at the same time. Not only does it have a direct influence on German legislation; with the 100,000 euros it receives from the taxpayer every year, it also finances its lobbying work in the "scientific" advisory bodies of the UN and the EU Commission.

diagnose:funk: ICNIRP argues that the scientific results are contradictory. Therefore, the danger of  RF radiation below the limit values is not proven, and protective measures are unnecessary.

Buchner: This reason alone is a violation of applicable law. Because even if it were true that the scientific results are contradictory, the Federal Government would have to act in view of the alleged serious damage and carry out further investigations. The EU Treaty also expressly stipulates that precautions must be taken in the event of justified suspicion of damage to health (Art. 191 TFEU). Both the Federal Government and the EU Commission are therefore acting illegally.

diagnose:funk: Can you describe this "justified suspicion" in more detail?

Buchner: There is no typical "microwave disease". Therefore, in individual cases it is sometimes difficult to determine RF radiation as the cause of a disease. Fortunately, most people don't notice anything when a radiation source is set up. Only a small percentage of people experience atypical symptoms such as headaches, sleep disturbances, restlessness or concentration problems. They are usually dismissed as psychological disorders. Sometimes, however, more serious problems such as tinnitus, tachycardia, changes in hormone levels, reduced fertility as well as developmental and behavioral disorders in children and adolescents are added after only a short time. Other diseases only appear after years.

diagnose:funk: Is cancer one of them, as was discussed in the press a few years ago?

Buchner: Yes, that's hardly denied anymore. For me it is particularly important that the US government has commissioned a study in the "National Toxicology Program", which clearly proves this in animal experiments. Prof. Lin, a former member of ICNIRP, even published an evaluation of this study under the title "Clear evidence of cell phone RF radiation cancer risk" in a journal of the mobile phone industry. Prof. Lennart Hardell's group was able to show with an evaluation of thousands of medical records that RF radiation also considerably increases the probability of cancer in humans. The result: Some types of cancer such as leukaemia and lymphomas, which are associated with radiation from mobile stations, are becoming more common in Germany - between 2008 and 2013 alone they increased by more than 30%! Of course, these cancers can be caused not only by RF radiation, but also by other influences. Therefore, it is important to note that the primary malignant tumors in the brain and central nervous system of 14 to 19-year-old adolescents have also increased significantly and have so far been rather rare. These regions of the body are particularly stressed during mobile phone calls. In the USA, a class action lawsuit against tumors in frequent telephone users has been pending for years.

diagnose:funk: Are these damages caused by genetic defects?

Buchner: Yes! Many scientific studies show that RF radiation causes genetic defects, which of course can also lead to malformations. There is no systematic recording of malformations for humans in Germany. But observations in animal breeding confirm this. I was involved in an investigation where a mobile phone mast was set up near a pig farm. The radiation was far below the limits. Nevertheless, after its commissioning, malformations occurred which have never occurred in all the years before. There were not many: 63 cases with 5,000 piglets examined. Nevertheless, this observation is worrying. Recently in Germany, as in France, children were born with missing hands. However, these cases are not typical of radiation damage. It is therefore highly probable that they were caused by mobile telephony.

diagnose:funk: But ICNIRP and politicians claim that genetic damage cannot be caused by mobile telephony because no mechanism can be imagined to produce it.

Buchner: But this mechanism has now been well researched: in the nucleus of every human cell there are only relatively few "calcium ions", while outside there are very many. During certain biological processes, but also through RF radiation, holes are opened in the cell membrane that surrounds the cell nucleus. Then the calcium ions can flow into the cell nucleus and cause chemical reactions there. In contrast to natural biological processes, the calcium ions flow for a long time into the cell nuclei when irradiated by RF waves. This produces several very aggressive substances, e.g. "free radicals", which cause much of the observed damage. Because radioactivity also produces these free radicals, their long-term effect is in many respects similar to that of strong RF radiation.

diagnose:funk: Can you even protect yourself from RF radiation?

Buchner: In any case, you can avoid many transmitters in your own house: Wireless mice and wireless keyboards irradiate people precisely where they can cause genetic damage and infertility. Cordless telephones should also be avoided. If you still want to use them, then use only those with "eco mode", which do not constantly transmit even when they are not in use, and which also keep their transmission power to a low level. WLAN can usually also be avoided. In any case it should be switched off at night. Never hold your mobile phone directly to your ear, but at a distance of a few centimeters! Most manufacturers now even specify this in the small print of the operating instructions in order to free themselves from liability claims. If at all possible, I switch on the loudspeaker to increase the distance to the ear. Never carry your mobile phone in your breast pocket or trouser pocket. After a short time, circulation, the hormonal system and fertility can be affected. Special caution is necessary during pregnancy and with small children. The younger the embryo or child, the faster the cells divide and the more damage can be caused by RF radiation.

diagnose:funk: Can you also do something specifically against the introduction of 5G?

Buchner: In Germany, many citizens' initiatives have formed against 5G. Everyone should support the nearest one according to their personal possibilities. Moreover, 5G is of little use to private consumers. For practically all applications, 4G is completely sufficient. If we are not willing to pay more for 5G contracts, 5G will fail for economic reasons. Then the industry may finally be ready to move from wireless technology to lighting technology which, if used properly (i.e. without 10 Hz pulsing), is unlikely to cause any damage to health. It can also transmit data much faster than 5G.

diagnose:funk: Mr. Buchner, thank you for the interview and for your tireless efforts.


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